About Me

When I started this blog three years ago the following was the opening statement in this section: "for now the most important thing about me is that I just turned 50 and I'm female. Which means I have a lot to say that nobody wants to hear." 

It was an off the cuff statement meant to point out that as a middle aged woman I have a lot to say but not much of a voice. It was also meant to be somewhat cute and funny. Making it palatable. 

November 2016 changed my desire to be cute or palatable. Since the day the country elected a man whose treatment of women has been both predatory and demeaning I've been angry. The fact that millions of people said "we don't care how he treats women we're voting for him anyway" PISSED ME OFF. 

I am an angry woman. 

I won't tell you all the reasons why in this section. That's what my blog is for. You might still run across the occasional musing on why cool is a made up concept or how hard it is to transition from being the hot chick in the room to the "older woman who looks good for her age". I'm still me after all. 

I'm just a me who woke up one day in November 2016 and discovered I have even less of a voice than I realized. 

This blog is my voice. Read it or not. Like it or not. I don't give a shit. It's mine.