Thursday, January 8, 2015

For all the Women Who Don't Behave Well

Four years ago I had an impulsive desire to film a three day motorcycle ride I’d been on annually with a group of women for, at the time, ten years. I got the idea after watching homemade videos a regional musician with a cult following had fans send in. They were GOOD. Made by mostly teens and young adults using smart phones they told excellent stories. I thought “I want to tell a story”. I wanted to capture the magic that happens when this group, most of whom only saw each other once a year on this ride, got together. There is no intention behind this film other than for my friends and family and now for you. The women, the people who have found my blog. If you've read my blog and liked it then maybe my goofy little video will make you feel as inspired, energetic and free as it does me. This is not a 60 second clip. It’s a full 35 minute home video. For my wind sisters.  The women who don’t behave well.