Sunday, March 9, 2014

What Do You Love?

What do you love? What are you grateful for?
I know, totally cliché. There can be truth in cliché. If you struggle with finding something you’re grateful for, or you don’t have something you love in your life, then I’m sad for you. That would suck.
By “something to love” I mean now. Not “if I had more money” or a different job, or no job, or lived in a different town, or lost weight, or found a man. Today. What do you have in your life that you love? 
If you have something you love, then I’m guessing you’re already grateful.
Years ago I told someone “I have no tolerance for being miserable”. And I don’t. To be clear, I have no expectation of happiness either. I’m grateful I was born into circumstances where my basic needs (food, clothing, shelter) were met. Someone loved me. I was born with good health, above average intelligence and decent looks. In a time and into a country where women have opportunity. If not equal opportunity. All of these things contributed to my ability to pursue the cliché “more out of life”. I’m aware that’s not a given. I’m grateful I’ve had a certain amount of luck in my life.
 I do not expect that no tragedy will touch me or that I will never be ill. That people will never disappoint me and that in short, things will not always go my way. But I have no tolerance for misery which I have any control over. Not even a little bit. Therefore I have things I love and I do them. They make me happy. Happy is better than unhappy.
When I ask what do you love? It’s not the same as who do you love. Who do you love can be tricky. It can be a trap. It can mean that you mostly do what someone else loves, that you put their needs before your own, that you forget what you love.
No, I’m asking what-do-YOU-love and do you do it?
When was the last time you realized “this moment could not be better”? Whether you were gardening, cooking, walking in the rain, writing a story, riding a motorcycle, taking karate lessons, singing a song, dancing, or…. You get the point.
When was the last time you loved something so much that there was nowhere else you would rather be and nothing else you would rather be doing?
I hope it’s today.



  1. I love watching some one I know and admire being all that they were meant to be, with no fear, judgment or limitations. Who inspires with encouragements, tells truths without hesitation and more importantly still laughs at herself. Here's to you K2