Friday, March 14, 2014

Green Grass Part 3: DREAM

The e mail from my daughter contained a link to a job posting for a "content writer" at an online magazine called She said "you should do this mom". They asked for a resume and writing sample. I figured they wouldn't be impressed with my ten years as a probation officer, my stint as a child protective services investigator or the years I contracted with family court as an investigator in contested child custody battles.


My first thought was to delete it. Instead I said "what the hell"? I sent a semi goofy e mail, links to this blog and the facebook page associated with it. The publisher responded with interest, we e mailed, we discussed and ultimately we agreed I would write an article for her magazine based on an upcoming trip I was taking to the U.K by myself.

Cray Cray! My dreamer daughter who always believes you can make the life you want was dreaming for me.

Below is the link to my first PAID writing job. It's also my first experience with being "edited". A tad annoying but something I can live with. It's not going to pay enough for me to make a living and I may not ever get paid again. But what it did was tip me over the edge of "what now" into "anything is possible. Do some dreaming".

Do some dreaming. is the website and the publisher is also a woman in her fifties looking to live her next act. Check it out.

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  1. I am soo thrilled ....your perspective will be out are an incerdible writer! We all " do some dreaming" you express what we as women in our "fifties" cannot put words too.