Monday, February 10, 2014

Out of Style

I’m not sure how to write about the boob thing. But the boob thing is both pissing me off and making me sad. I understand why women want boob jobs. I do. I totally get it. Boobs define us. Boobs are female. Females are boobs. As little girls, boobs took up a huge amount of our thinking when we were without them and a huge amount of thinking in the neighbor boys after we got them.
Before internet porn, cable TV porn, and porn accessible on a telephone any time anywhere made it necessary to show everything beyond the bush, there was boobs. They were idolized, revered, written about, photographed, filmed and in general loved. Boobs are more than boobs, they’re love and desire and power.
I’m pissed off about boobs after spending today with a friend who got a boob job. A beautiful fifty four year old woman with some of the best DNA on the planet. No joke. She looks thirty five without trying. Still dewy skin, Pantene Pro V hair, virtually no wrinkles and the body of a teenager. A teenager from the seventies. Before the country got fat.
In the surgery center most of the female employees had boob jobs. The nurse was providing personal experiences as to pain and recovery. They told us that usually “older women do better with the pain than the eighteen year olds who haven’t had any real life experiences yet”. Eighteen year olds? Getting boob jobs? WHAT.THE.FUCK?! I say fuck a lot when I’m mad.
I’m mad that women’s boobs just aren’t good enough anymore. That the beauty seen in girlie magazines from the 1950’s through at least the 1980’s has disappeared. Those women had all types of boobs: big, small, pointed, not pointed, light colored nipples, almost no nipples, and dark nipples. In this millennium we’re turning women into cartoons. Live versions of Barbie or Jessica Rabbit.
What pisses me off the most is that women think they’re the driving force behind the phenomena. They’ve convinced themselves that they really want to pay thousands of dollars (plus interest on the credit card), take a physical risk, spend weeks or months recovering and live with a foreign object in their body. One that makes it more difficult to spot breast cancer on a mammogram and has the potential to cause a variety of problems in the future. They will tell you “It makes me like my body better, gives me more confidence”.
What makes me sad is the truth. The truth is no woman anywhere would do this to herself if she didn’t think it was necessary to make a man want her. When did that happen? When did regular every day beautiful boobs go out of style?
I guess about the same time regular every day women went out of style.
Fuck that.




  1. YES!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! Showed a picture of a 1950's " bombshell" to my husband the other day...response: uhmmm, looks a little over weight and she has no boobs.
    When did the idea of a sexy , desireable woman become 100 pds with 38D breast?
    Yet, we as women covet that body and go to extremes to achieve, even if it means putting our health at risk.
    I for one have decided ...I am a vibrant 58 yr old woman, who brought 4 kids into this world...I fully intend to enjoy and experience life as a healthy, toned vibrant , secure,sexy woman....regardless of what our society dictates.

  2. Good for you Tamara! The age thing and boobs could be an entire blog. And might be. But in the short of it... I'm 50. My young boobs are gone. They aren't coming back and I'm not having a surgery in order to make them come back.

  3. For many years I wanted boobs (clearly I don't have a big set). Some of my friends had them, some of them didn't. Those of us who didn't have them wanted them. Those that did have them, didn't really want them. I managed to marry a husband who didn't care about big ones, and then years later found out why (he was gay) but I have now come to fall in love with a man who LOVES boobs!!!!!! LOVES them. He however does not care which size they are, he just loves them. Thank heaven for me. I offered to make mine bigger because he loves them so much. His answer "no thank you." No fake titties for me. they are hard, ugly and they don't feel good. Ok then. no more worries.

    However, it does not account for the many, many, many women who feel the necessity to tear a hole in their bodies, stick in a foreign object, stretch your skin, readjust your nipple (which means cutting around the outside of it, and hoping all of those nerves fix themselves so you can feel your lovers touch after the fact, and the pain of any kind of invasive surgery. Not to mention the extra weight on your neck you will have to deal with. I know many women (my ex-mother in law) who have problems with neck, shoulders, arms, back because of very large breasts, and won't have them reduced because "he" won't like it. too bad about your health (and my mother-in-law's neck has fused in several places because of the weight and pain) but I need those boobs and you need to carry that around for me because of it.

    WE need to do what is right for us and our men need to appreciate us as we are.... oh and by the way, when your boobs get bigger, your butt gets bigger..... doesn't matter if they are surgically implanted, every girl I have every know (or my spouse who used to work in a strip club) who has gotten new boobs...... she has also gotten a new butt..... so they come as a triple... 2 new boobs and one big butt..... so think about your unintended consequences too.... end of my sermon for today.. sorry.